How To Join Square Care

Square Care seeks only the highest quality physicians. Each physician and practice will be assigned a “squareroot,” Square Care’s evaluation score to ensure a fit with the network’s standards. Only providers with a squareroot of greater than 7 on our scale of 1-10 will be eligible to join Square Care.

The squareroot is a composite metric the includes the following criteria:

  • Patient Centered Medical Home status
  • Highly ranked patient reviews
  • Board Certification
  • Malpractice history
  • EMR / IT / MU experience
  • Favorable peer reviews
  • Continuing Medical Education (CMEs)
  • Value based contracting experience

Does This Sound Like You?

If your practice matches the criteria, contact us to find out how to join a successful and growing network that can enhance your profitability and practice experience.
For more information send us your information below:

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