Mission, Values, and Why We Are Called Square Care

Long Island Pediatric Doctor

Our Mission

Square Care’s mission is to achieve the QUADRUPLE AIM of healthcare:

Improve the health of our population

Reduce waste and lower costs

Improve patient engagement and satisfaction

Maximize provider satisfaction

Our Values

Our growth and continued success is measured by our achievement of these four goals as we operate guided by our values: People, Empathy, Teamwork, Quality, Accountability, Innovation and Leadership.

Why We Are Called Square Care

The four pillars of the quadruple aim are the foundation of who we are—they are the four sides of the square in Square Care. Additionally, the square in Square Care comes from our pursuit of achieving the right alignment between four groups: patients, payers, care partners, and us. Finally, a square has a right angle. We believe that with our mission and alignment, we are coming to healthcare from the right angle.

Why we are called Square Care