Square Care Physician Challenge

Healthcare can be a puzzle for everyone, including physicians.

Let’s figure it out, together.

We are looking for physicians with the right “squareroot” to join us.

Solve the puzzle below and win a prize!


Can you solve the puzzle?


How to solve a SQUAREPUZZLE: 

  1. Complete the 9 x 9 Sudoku-like puzzle
  2. Transfer the numbers from the diagonal boxes sequentially (upper left corner (“a”) to lower right corner (“i”)) onto the horizontal boxes. 
  3. Find the numeric code from the given string of letters using the key you have just created.
  4. Solve for the square root of the code to the nearest whole number (no decimals).
  5. Submit your answer using the form on this page.

Have fun and good luck!



  • Rob Nadell, MD
  • Christopher Berard, DO
  • Jeffery Cohen, MD
  • Jill Sisselman, DO
  • Stephen Sisselman, DO
  • Marc Messineo, DO


Restrictions on prizes may apply.

What's your SQUAREROOT?