Frequently Asked Questions

Square Care Medical Group (SCMG) on Long Island

What are the benefits of joining Square Care versus working for a hospital or health system?

Square Care physicians enjoy the benefits of negotiated managed care contract terms, network referrals, reduced administrative burden, and population health capabilities, while enjoying the autonomy to run an independent practice, something that hospitals and health systems cannot offer. Square Care is physician owned and led, which leads to greater alignment with the goals of individual physicians.

I am interested in the negotiated managed care contract terms and network referrals, but I want to keep some of my existing administrative processes. Is this possible to retain these processes if I join Square Care?

Physicians joining the Square Care Medical Group will enjoy the benefit of utilizing Square Care’s administrative processes, which are managed by our Medical Services Organization (MSO). Physician partners who join the Square Care IPA may elect to retain their existing administrative processes.

What EMR system is the Square Care network using?

Square Care uses the number one rated EMR and Practice Management Solution, athenahealth. Square Care physician partners can take advantage of negotiated software costs and implementation support.

If I join the IPA only, do I have to convert to athenahealth?

You do not have to convert to athenahealth. if you choose to participate only in the IPA. Keep in mind, however, that not being on one unified record poses challenges when it comes to success in shared savings and population health endeavors. This may result in the practice needing to complete manual quality measures and reporting while those on athenahealth will benefit from a single platform MSO support. A discount to purchase athenahealth will be made available to IPA members.

What will happen to patients of smaller payers if Square Care does not have a contract with that payer?

If there are contracts that your current practice has that are not in our portfolio, we will want to learn about those and reach out to the payers to enter into contracts. We will identify these opportunities during your application process.

I am not currently a member of an IPA or other network. If I choose to join Square Care, how long is the evaluation process?

The evaluation process can range from 3 – 6 months; and typically depends on how quickly the physician submits the required information including application, peer reviews and other evaluation materials.