Why Join Square Care

So physicians can stay independent, maximize their economics, improve work-life balance with right sized practice support and connect with like minded colleagues.

To achieve the freedom of independence and the benefits of scale.

Stay Independent

You’ve built a successful practice and enjoy the freedom of running it your way. You don’t want to become employed by a hospital or health system in order to grow and be profitable. Square Care promotes the autonomy of its physician partners and encourages their continued independence to manage their practice as they see fit.

Independent Provider Association (IPA) on Long Island
Management Services Organization
Make Your Practice Profitable

Because of Square Care’s high eligibility requirements and quality standards, payers know that Square Care providers facilitate better clinical outcomes, which in turn justifies preferred contracting terms. Our partners also benefit from Square Care’s marketing activities that enhance their practice. Plus, as a provider partner, you can enjoy an ownership interest in Square Care—sharing in profits and growth opportunities.

Enjoy Better Work Life Balance

Practicing medicine has changed a lot in the last few decades. Health insurance billing has become immensely complicated and regulatory requirements are rising to levels that make it near impossible for small independent practices to be compliant. Square Care helps our physician partners manage this burden, leaving you more time to do what they love—provide excellent care to patients and maintain a healthy work–life balance.

Work Life Balance
Doctors on Long Island
Network & Get Support from Other Physicians

Square Care is a growing network with a strong base of successful providers who are available as a source for patient referrals and clinical consultation. As a Square Care physician partner, you will engage with an elite group of peers and benefit from professional development and personal networking in a trusted, connected environment.

What Physicians Who Join Hospitals and Other Entities Not Run By Physicians Are Saying...

Join Square Care: Don't Let This Happen To You!
  • “What a mistake! I thought I was going to be happy but didn’t appreciate all the strings.”

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  • “They took control of my office and things are less efficient and more frustrating. This is not the picture they painted for me.”

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  • “I feel trapped. They are only concerned about them and what is best for them. Not me and what is best for me and my patients. “

    Long Island Doctor
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